Welcome to Wellness Facilities Healthcare Association.

Helping You With Affordable Healthcare Options.

What We Do

We Partner With Wellness Facilities To Bring Their Members, Employees and Clients Affordable Healthcare Options.


We developed this association for those individuals that do not have healthcare coverage through their employer. If you are an independent contractor or small business owner, you will find great savings with us for your healthcare needs. We are an alternative option to high priced insurance plans for individuals and families who are already clients or members of our affiliated facilities. 

Gyms and Boutique Fitness Facilities


Gyms are one of our biggest targets as we grow with this association. Our first gym to sign on was TRAIN. They are located in Columbus, Ohio and you can find out more about how they are using WFHA to help their members stay healthy and give them an option for extended healthcare expenses such as x-rays, lab tests, doctor consults and direct primary care by going to

Yoga and Personal Training Studios


You are taking proactive steps to take care of your health. We partner with studios across the country as a benefit to their members and employees. You can't foresee what accidents or big healthcare needs that may arise in the future. This is where we come in to offer you healthcare options that are more affordable and accessible than traditional insurance plans.  If you are currently a client of one of these types of facilities, please have the owner or manager contact us so we can start helping their members and staff with healthcare options that are a win-win for you and them!




If you are already a member of a gym, yoga studio, personal training studio or other related wellness facility, WFHA is here for you! We can get your facility set up very quickly. We can help you to start saving 30-50% on your monthly healthcare costs. This is NOT insurance. The Sedera medical cost sharing model boldly challenges the insurance status quo. Through an innovative layering of healthcare services, we enable individuals and families access to high quality healthcare that is affordable, flexible, and effective. In addition to sharing medical expenses, Sedera provides access to valuable Counseling, Medical Bill Negotiation, Telemedicine, Expert Second Opinion and Personal Member Advisor services to ALL members. You can find out more and SIGN UP today by going to